Saturday, March 27, 2010

'...Intuiting his Spirit'

‘In times not too distant when I received a commitment to come and speak someplace, maybe months before I was to go or in the making of the commitment, the very message flashed on my heart and I knew what was to be spoken. Then that disappeared. And maybe some weeks just preceding the meeting, God would stir in my heart and shape me for what was to come forth – then that disappeared. Then maybe the day of the meeting or the very night before, something would begin to stir in my heart – and that disappeared. Then, arriving at the meeting, I would understand what was to be spoken. Then that disappeared.
‘Sitting on the platform, waiting to be called on, I would hear the still small voice and know what was to be spoken – then that disappeared.
‘I tell you people – it’s getting so that now I have to move almost by intimating what is the will of God, cleaving to God in such a way as to catch the very intimations of his heart, intuiting his Spirit. And I believe God is bringing me even closer than that – that the very thought that is in my mind, and the very impulse of my heart is his thought and his impulse.
‘And that the day might come that the very word out of my mouth, unpremeditated and spoken in the impulse of the moment, is the word of God.’

- Richardson Springs, California (1985)

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