Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The old Camp Dominion road - a milestone for many

...The pattern of His building ANEW
'As I write, the sound of the hammer fills the air, an aged tractor 'putt-putts' in the distance bringing in the hay, voices consulting and discussing the labors of the day mingle in the background. These are the sounds of LIFE – a first trickle of activity and building, first steps in the physical unfolding of the Lord's purposes here. The pattern of His building is sure; He is not allowing us to proceed in things tangible faster than or independent of things spiritual!
'These have been the days therefore, of spiritual building, of the laying of the foundation in lives in relationships which will stand. The finger of the Lord has been upon the marriage, family and closest circles of relationship which widen out from the nucleus. Not a day has passed, it seems, without there being some foundational work done in us, between us and out to the neighboring fellowships with whom we see we are inextricably bound. The key word is COVENANT, men pledging themselves to each other as they have to the Lord no matter what; unable to tend our own affairs while indifferent to the needs of the other.
'Our message and ministry is to be our life together, whatever that will take, for there is a 'go-for-broke' spirit among us that will not be satisfied with less (though not without tremblings).'

Ben Israel News-Prayer Letter (Fall 1975)