Friday, February 25, 2011

'I'm a man sent of God with a sent word...'

I’ve just come back from Africa. They’ve seen many white men who come
to tell them about church growth …and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.
And that’s what they thought I was.
But the moment that I faced them the first time – hundreds of black men who had come long distances in West Africa, seated, looking matter-of-fact,
waiting to hear some new method and technique for church growth.
And, I took a deep breath, and my first words were:
‘I’m a man sent of God with a sent word from the throne of Heaven!’
It changed everything. They straightened up in their seats.
Their jaws dropped. Their eyes opened.
This was different than any guy who has come before.
Here’s a man with authority, making such a pronouncement.
And everything that preceded from this man after that announcement confirmed that indeed he was sent and that the word
issuing from him was not his own.
It was revolutionary! It was radical! It was requiring.
All these men were careerists, wanting to be promoted, wanting to succeed.
But, the Lord gave them something else – and they knew it.
He gave them something for the continent of Africa,
so-called ‘dark’ Africa.
There is a destiny for that continent…

– Singapore (March 2006)

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