Sunday, February 21, 2010

With Philippe Bodi (second from left) at a
fellowship on the Serbian/Rumanian border,
circa 1980.

'It's going to do wonders for us'

“I think we’ve been living in a criminal way with our misuse of resources and with such affluence and comfort that would have boggled the mind of the richest potentate in times past…
“I believe with all my heart, without knowing to what degree and to what length, but we shall face a great time of severity and trial. And, it’s going to do wonders for us!...
“There is simply not going to be any way that we can stand and survive in our own aloneness – except that we cleave to each other.
“We’re going to pass through a necessary crisis of disillusionment, and face our lives as they really are, however threadbare, and begin from there before God to see and live in honesty and in truth.
“We’re going to learn what it means to confess our sins, our faults, one to another that we might pray one for each other that we might be healed.”
“And, it’s going to do wonders for us.”
– 1974

“It’s interesting that in the two principal cases where God describes the character of the koinonia of the first church as being together that there is an economic as well as a social statement being made. If there is no economic consequence, then any performance of pseudo-koinonia is deception and death.”
– 1992

“I have never played the game, and I once asked a more current, internationally-recognized prophet, ‘How is it that I’m not invited to your prophetic functions, seeing that I have the history in this calling long before any of you?’
“He said, ‘Art, the reason you’re not invited is that you are not an ‘in-house’ prophet. We can’t count on you to go along. You might upset the apple cart.’
“What I recognize in this flush of the new prophets is a fraternity of mutual, self-congratulatory men who affirm one another, and I do not fit in with that environment. They know it, and so I am not in that dimension.
“I am not known, or if I am known, I am either little known or scorned.”
– 2001

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  1. Sisters and brothers, Let me know if there is something new about Ben Israel. I used to be Katz-s interpreter while he was travelling in Yugoslavia. I now live in Seattle where i teach French...